Who We Are

Arkleus Broadcasting, Inc. is an integrated digital media company producing daily original content for clients across multiple channels. We create, operate and market independent IPTV/OTT channels and are a full service solutions provider, delivering digital experiences through all forms of interactive media.

What We Do


Content may be king, but the king needs a phenomenal team of rock star content creators. That’s where we come in. Our executive creative team has held senior positions at many of the biggest publications, movie studios and television networks in the world.


With our in-house development team from some of the most well-known tech companies, we can build, host and maintain any level of media platform you can imagine. And to make sure that content gets out into the world, we have experience at all levels of distribution, including syndication, deal structures, live events and video on demand.


You need to reach your audience. We can get you there. Public relations, advertising, marketing, social media…you name it – we do it. From building Facebook fans to finding influencers, we dig deep to make sure we’re maximizing every piece of content we send into the world.

Revenue Generation

Finally… How does this generate revenue? When firing on all cylinders, your media property will be a valued brand, desired by sponsors and advertisers who seek to connect with your audience. We amplify your brand value and build promotional packages to leverage your worth into a website that pays for itself and becomes a consistent, reliable revenue stream.

Our Team

The talent pool at Arkleus is nimble, smart and has a deep bench of experience in online publishing, broadcasting, and branded entertainment. Arkleus moves quickly with confidence and expertise in the following areas: content strategy, content architecture, content creation + execution and content distribution. The combined experience of the principles at Arkleus is vast, covering every sector of non-scripted television (news, reality, animation, documentaries), robust print and online publishing companies and major brands.

Contact Us

Arkleus Broadcasting, Inc.
12900 Preston Rd., Suite 422
Dallas, TX. 75230

Office: (972) 458-1200
Email: hello@arkleus.com